CBIPL has accumulated the technological know-how on water treatment since its foundation in 2017.

To meet customers’ needs, such as improving productivity and reducing their environmental impact, the CBIPL provides comprehensive solutions to customers by integrating a variety of technologies, products, and services in three business areas: water treatment chemicals, water treatment facilities, and maintenance services. Focusing on these three business areas, the CBIPL manages a wide range of businesses, such as businesses related to water treatment chemicals and water treatment facilities. It also supports soil and groundwater remediation, chemical cleaning, tool cleaning, water quality analysis, and environmental analysis. CBIPL fully utilizes its comprehensive capabilities to solve the water and environment-related issues that customers face.


CBIPL’s strengths are the collective capabilities to enable its holistic view across all industries, its expertise in conceiving new businesses and its depth of management talent to run them. We will leverage those capabilities to identify Potential Growth Sources, nurture them into Growth Drivers and ultimately establish them as next-generation Core Businesses. When we are no longer capable of adding value to a business, we will redirect capital to businesses where we can add value.

Value Proposition

Industries will offer segregated resin regeneration to customers wanting the highest levels of water purity. Segregated regeneration is not offered by any other company in Northern California and indications are, based on present pre-start-up sales, that users of H20 Industries are willing to pay a substantial premium for it. It represents a form of peace of mind which dialysis units, laboratories, etc. feel is important. The second most important value proposition is service response. When H20 Industries tanks need changing customers insist on, and will receive, an immediate response. To develop good business strategies, perform a SWOT analysis of your business. It's easy with our free guide and template. Learn how to perform a SWOT analysis

Competitive Edge

H20 Industries's ability to segregate a customer's resin and return it to him regenerated to the maximum limit, should put the company in a strong competitive position. Approximately all of H20 Industries's business will be directed at the portable service DI market. This market emphasis should quickly be noticed by users of H20 Industries, who at present rely on US Filter. US Filter's product range growth through acquisition and buy-outs has de-emphasized the importance of its H20 Industries exchange service. Hence, the two major aspects of the firm's competitive advantage would be high quality segregated resin regeneration and fast service response. It will be important to stress these advantages in the sales literature.

Strategy and Implementation Summary

Ours is a long-term approach aimed at raising our corporate value through the growth of stable, long-term earnings drivers while contributing towards the realization of a sustainable society, with full consideration for the environment. We remain committed to developing mechanisms, technologies and systems in business domains that have high levels of public interest and growth potential and that will enable more people to live on fewer resources. Besides direct sales effort to large users of H20 Industries, a major element of the company's marketing efforts will be to develop a distributor network through existing local water service companies. These companies provide local water service to small companies and homes throughout Northern California. Most of their business takes the form of water filtering, water softening, reverse osmosis maintenance, swimming pool service, etc. The best of these will be recruited to add H20 Industries service to their product line.

Marketing Strategy

H20 Industries's marketing strategy will be to execute and communicate its value proposition of service and market segmentation advantage in providing segregated regeneration of customers' resin.

Distribution Strategy

Wherever H20 Industries cannot economically sell directly, due to distance or quantities, it will utilize a network of water service companies. These companies will be carefully chosen for their quality of service. An arrangement will be set up whereby the distributor will offer DI exchange service along with its other water services. The installations can easily be handled by them. They would tag the tanks and return and pick up from the H20 Industries plant. Being able to offer this service increases the image of the local water service company. It fosters a feeling a one-stop shopping. A 33% discount off the retail price should be adequate to satisfy the distributors.

Pricing Strategy

In line with the conclusions drawn in the positioning statements, H20 Industries can charge a higher price for its segregated regenerated resin. There is virtually no competition for this product in the Asia market. It is essential that H20 Industries place a premium price consistent with its superior product. Wholesale prices have been established to encourage the quick formation of a dealership network.

Promotion Strategy

The main focus of promotion will be two-pronged: promotion to H20 Industries end users, and promotion to wholesalers. Promotion to wholesalers should receive primary stress due to the extended reach made possible by the wholesaler network with its existing customer base. The sales force of these wholesale distributors needs to be educated on H20 Industries's positioning statement so that they all understand the important sales advantages of segregated resin. Being able to offer DI exchange service to a distributor's customer list is a great advantage to the distributor, and this fact needs to be clearly spelled out to them. Therefore, the H20 Industries relationship with a dealership network is one in which both sides benefit. H20 Industries should strive to create a small-town, friendly relationship with its customers. Company brochures will show a map with all the H20 Industries locations, including each newly acquired distributor. The distributor trucks, as well as H20 Industries vehicles, would carry the H20 Industries logo, helping all to achieve name recognition. Cost savings would result through sharing literature, leads (by territory and/or industry), co-op marketing costs, and the sharing of technical expertise. Direct marketing to customers within easy reach of H20 Industries should stress service. As a major supplier of resin stated: "US Filter is a huge concern that closes down at 5 P.M. on Friday." Customers for H20 Industries need to feel that they can get service after hours, and even on a Saturday if need be. These customers feel much more comfortable dealing with an exchange service that is closer in size to the customer, and where the exchange service is an important portion of total sales revenue of the supplier. Prompt deliveries, trouble-free installations, good technical advise, etc. are main building blocks of the promotion strategy.

Sales Strategy

Marketing a water treatment business isn't as simple as it seems. To get noticed, you'll need to invest time, energy, and resources in an innovative marketing plan. The marketing model for a water treatment business is a case study in business evolution, with innovative tactics and techniques being rolled out on a continuous basis. The sales strategy is to concentrate on that segment of the market most easily captured by the following sales feature: segregated regeneration of portable resin. In addition, the fastest way to reach the sales goal for the first several years is by actively working to develop a dealership network for H20 Industries.