Water Softener


CBIPL’s Water Softening Systems provide soft water for boilers, cooling towers, water heaters and industrial process applications across industries and commercial entities. Hard water contains a large amount of minerals, which creates scale build-up on equipment and piping. The most common scaling caused by hard water are calcium and magnesium associated with carbonate, chlorides and sulphates.
Scale build-up increases the need for cleaning. In addition, it will cause a loss in production because of reduced system efficiency.
CBIPL’s softening systems reduce “water hardness”. Our water softeners are custom designed and engineered to meet the demands of various industries and water sources.
Our water softener solutions support both high and small volume.

We provide systems with:

• Manual operation
• Semi-automatic operation
• Fully automatic operation with HMI Panel
• Duplix units in package

Our water softener systems:

• Reduce scale buildup
• Increase the lifespan of components
• Reduce maintenance needs
• Increase plant production