Easy Reverse Osmosis Desalination


Avoid high energy bills. Easy & efficient watermaker.
Desalination doesn’t have to be energy intensive or complex to maintain. Our durable and efficient Reverse Osmosis units are powered by your energy supply. Get access to clean and reliable water using our easy to operate watermakers for land-based applications for private islands, resorts, communities, private properties, industries, hotels and others. The watermaker was developed with a philosophy of quality, durability, efficiency and comfort. We offer the following advantages over conventional reverse osmosis:
• Consume 3-4x less energy with maintenance-free energy recovery.
• Water quality assured by constant monitoring & automatic stop.
• Easily make water by remote monitoring, control & automation.
• Avoid frequent RO membrane replacement by automatic fresh flush.
• Durability & resistance to corrosion ensured as all wetted parts are duplex or super duplex steel and the frame is HDPE.
Simply operate the reverse osmosis unit with a single button interface that provides access to production data & product water TDS.
Benefit from the globally implemented desalination systems that enable reverse osmosis using only 1.0 kW to desalinate 11 m³ or 2900 gallons per day. With a lead time of only a few weeks, these compact watermakers can be quickly deployed to ensure clean and reliable water on-site. Take a look below at the limited footprint and weight, references, components and a financial comparison with conventional watermakers.

Compact low-energy desalination.

The compact solutions can be designed for any requested water production, below are some examples. Different power and voltage options available. We also provide containerized units for plug and play installation, or integrate all separate components to your preference into the (existing) infrastructure

Footprint indication 4,8 m³/day
1,268 gallon/day
11 m³/day<.br> 2,906 gallon/day 400 m³/day
105,680 gallon/day
SEC kWh/m³ (kWh/kgal) 3,5 kWh/m³ (13.3 kWh/kgal) 2,2 kWh/m³ (8.3 kWh/kgal) 2,2 kWh/m³ (8.3 kWh/kgal)
Nominal power kW 0,7 1,0 36,7
Weight kg (lb) 44 kg (97 lb) 90 kg (198 lb) Varies per solution
Size l x w x h in m (inch) 0,7 x 0,4 x 0,4 m (29 x 16 x 16 inch) 1,2 x 0,5 x 0,4 m (47 x 20 x 16 inch) 40 ft container

Time-tested components

Compact RO with low energy consumption. Take a look how we ensure a minimum of maintenance and stress-free operation.

Intake pump

Most pumps have to be replaced yearly when used in salt water. We believe in quality and reliability and work with efficient variable frequency pumps who can withstand (which are suitable for) warm seawater applications, such as titanium or 904L pumps.


To avoid frequent membrane replacement, the pre-treatment will be designed for your site-specific situation. This can involve sand filtration, cartridge filtration and more.

Reverse osmosis

Stress-free operation is ensured by remote monitoring, control and automation. To avoid frequent replacement, the membranes are automatically flushed with fresh water at every shut-down.

Energy recovery

High-efficiency desalination (< 3 kWh/m³) is enabled by re-using the brine pressure, even for small-scale production. The maintenance-free energy recovery systems are constructed from (super) duplex steel.


To meet your specific applications, we can add fresh water treatment steps to the system, for example, remineralisation, UV treatment before end use or preservation dosing to make it suitable for longer term storage.

Fresh Water Storage

We can include high corrosive resistant modular tanks with bladder liner that can easily be shipped on a pallet and constructed on-site, requiring only a ring of tiles, instead of an entire concrete foundation.


HDPE pipe is our preferred material for long distance pipe sections as it’s able to withstand high pressures, salt water, offers flexibility to be placed in bends and withstands forces from outside. The pipe materials can both be sourced locally or shipped in.

Remote monitoring and control

The units are equipped with GSM-based monitoring for remote control and alarm messaging. Check in on your water supply, anywhere, anytime