Mobile Water Treatment Options

Construction sites aren’t just municipal or residential; construcion sites can be on heavy industrial sites like refineries or chemical plants, on military bases or marine ports. Each site may have water and vapor issues and can have a unique sets of requirements based on region, environmental regulation, footprint, discharge, timeframe and even vapor-related requirements.

From wastewater treatment, solids handling, dewatering, and vapor control, we have emergency and mobile solutions available for temporary, site-specific projects or longer-term developments. Whether the need is trench dewatering, dredge spoils for harbor cleanup, or tank degassing we have effective, mobile solutions.

We can mitigate contaminants such as PFAS and other emerging contaminants from construction sites, as well as treat water for hydrocarbons, mercury, iron and other metals, hexavalent chromium, chlorine, pH, PCB’s, dyes and algae. For sites that include storage tanks we provide effective vapor control solutions.

From data centers to universities, commercial buildings and facilities serve the needs of people every day. With our heating and cooling solutions, lab water equipment, incoming water and wastewater treatment solutions, CBI can help keep your facilities productive and safe.