Food & Beverage


Food and beverage processors use large quantities of water to transform raw ingredients into marketable products. This requires large volumes of water, both as an ingredient in products and in the plant sanitization process, which all needs to be responsibly managed.

Balancing consumer pressures for a smaller environmental footprint and sustainable operations, as well as managing rising utility costs and evolving regulatory requirements, are also ongoing concerns for processors. CBI’s water and wastewater solutions and services can help keep food and beverage production running smoothly, while reducing operating costs, ensuring regulatory compliance and increasing sustainability.


Dairy farms produce millions of tons of milk every year to nourish billions of consumers around the world. Global demand for dairy products (milk, cream, cheese, yogurt, butter, etc.) has challenged processors to increase the supply. With an increase of production comes an increase of wastewater.

Dairy production wastewater can contain suspended solids, whey, and fat, oil, and grease (FOG) concentrations, which can be difficult to treat. Pretreatment requirements have limited what can be discharged into sewers and local waterways and wastewater disposal costs have risen dramatically, prompting cost-conscious dairy plant managers to take action.

Sugar & Distilleries

Sugar &distillery production present unique challenges in water and wastewater treatment. Water must meet strict specifications for product quality, taste and consistency. Sugar liquor treatment & filtration, decolorization of sugar liquor, Wastewater contains various chemical and organic compounds, plus particulate matter such as yeast and spent grains, which can be difficult to treat and dispose of properly. CBI can provide reliable, cost-efficient water and wastewater solutions to help address these challenges.

Meat, Poultry & Sea Food

The meat, poultry and seafood industries use water in nearly every step of production. Regardless of whether the final product is fresh, cured, frozen or cooked, the process results in a lot of wastewater, which is often difficult to treat. ​Production is becoming more expensive as prices for feed, energy and land continue to rise. Environmental regulations are stricter than ever before, challenging slaughterhouses, rendering plants and processing plants to comply with discharge limits while still earning a profit.

Food Processing Plants

Food processing transforms raw ingredients into marketable food products for human consumption to supply the world’s growing population with sustenance. To do this, industrial food processors must mass produce large quantities of food, which naturally uses a lot of water.

From water as an ingredient to the variable wastewater stream that must be cleaned prior to discharge, CBI leading water treatment solutions address the unique challenges of food processing.

Bakery & Confectionaries

Producers of bakery ingredients (yeast, spices, bread, mixes, etc.) or confection (hard candies, chocolates, etc.) are challenged with rising production demands and effluent with increased levels of suspended solids (TSS) and biochemical oxygen demand (BOD). Our expertise and solutions can help meet discharge limits and maintain environmental compliance, regardless of production capacity. CBI treating the water that makes baked goods & confections taste so sweet.