When your resins lose their exchange capacity and need to be regenerated, doing so on-site can create a host of extra risks and expenditures you might want to think twice about incurring. CBIPL offers off-site regeneration services that provide a safe, efficient regeneration option for your business. Focus on what you do best, and leave the regeneration to us. We will send our highly trained technicians to bring new, regenerated bottles to you and take your spent resin to be processed and brought out to you the next time you need it. This provides you with a constant and reliable flow of properly regenerated, high-quality resins that ensure maximum results.

The benefits off-site regeneration can offer:

• Lessen operating costs
• Eliminate on-site storage and regeneration facilities
• Decrease regeneration frequency
• Reduce chemical storage and handling, improving safety
• Limit environmental impact due to wastewater discharge
• Lower CAPEX

May not be suitable for:

• Large-flow operations
• Regeneration that requires a large amount of bottle