Packaging, Pulp & Paper

Packaging, Pulp & Paper

How much water is used to produce a piece of paper? Even the crispest piece of A4 pulp paper has swallowed up to 20 litres of water during its production. The pulp and paper industry uses a huge amount of freshwater – in some nations an incredible 10% of all freshwater goes to make paper.

These two kinds of industries are normally separated. The pulp (raw material for paper industry) and the paper industry, produce different kind of waste water. There is also a third related industry, the paper recycling industry, which has a similar kind of waste water. In the following text the three branches of industry are separated.
The composition of pollutants in waste water of paper industries, depend on the kind of raw material which is used. For paper production wood, bagasse (outer stalk sugar cane), hemp, straw, etc. are used. Five basic procedures are used to produce pulp in an industrial way. The conduction of case can be with or without a bleaching process.

If a bleaching process is also step of production, the Lignin will be destroyed. The effect is a whiter paper. The color depends also on the different kinds of wood or other raw materials which are used for the production. This step have the disadvantage to load the environment more, because of the use of chemicals like chlorine or chlorine dioxide (which are restricted, because of the process).
Water is vital to the production process at Pulp and Paper facilities.  CBI Pvt. Ltd.  understands the issues related to water and wastewater management and has experience in helping manufacturers achieve their goals in:

  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Operational Efficiency
  • Increased Resource Recovery
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Corporate Sustainability Initiatives

CBI is a Creative and Trusted Solutions Provider for the Pulp & Paper Industry
CBI is trusted by leading Pulp and Paper companies in the last 15 years, and has successfully completed several of water, wastewater, liquor and chemical recovery projects.

CB provides its clients an integrated approach to water and resource management using innovative technologies, equipment, chemistry, and services. Our customer-focused culture combined with comprehensive capabilities make CBI the preferred partner for all water, wastewater, evaporation, and crystallization projects.

The paper industry uses a variety of effluent treatment systems. The preferred process combination for each individual case depends on the grade-specific quality of the effluent that is going to be treated.