Power Generation

Oil, Coal & Natural Gas based Plants

Power generation is one of largest water-consuming industries globally. Power plants use water for boilers, cooling, and other utility processes.

CBI provides solutions and services for all waters related to power generation. From raw water intake to process and wastewater treatment, ash pond and evaporation pond dewatering, bacteria control and more.

We have mobile and permanent systems that can ensure compliance with Steam Electric Effluent Limitation Guidelines (ELG’s) and Coal Combustion Residuals (CCR) regulations and other discharge compliance requirements for coal-fired plants that have chosen to remain open in the PAKISTAN.

CBI supplies effective solutions for the nuclear power industry. From the raw water intake to the water used in, and discharged from the plant, to powdered resins and many other services, CBI plays a significant role.

Safety and consistency are two pillars of nuclear power and CBI stands by our products and services as they were originally specified in all nuclear power plants, and as they exist today. Our service experts are trained and certified to work on nuclear power plant sites and our systems produce water that meets nuclear power plant requirements.

Our products and services aren’t limited to water. We also employ vapor control capabilities as well as underwater construction divers who are certified according to all nuclear testing evaluations.

Nuclear plant systems that use ion exchange resins:

  • Advanced Liquid Processing System (ALPS)– removes radioactive materials from contaminated water
  • Chemical and Volume Control System (CVCS)– cleans part of the Reactor Coolant System and helps to maintain boron concentration
  • Condensate Polishers– removes dissolved contaminants to create ultrapure water
  • Deborating Beds– boron reduction
  • Fuel Pool Demineralizers– removes contaminants in the fuel pool
  • Lithium Removal Beds– lithium removal
  • Radwaste Demineralizers– removes contaminants from radioactive water in the radwaste system
  • Reactor Water Cleanup– maintains reactor water quality
  • Stator Cooling– cleans water used to keep the copper stator bars cool
  • Steam Generator Blowdown – cleans water removed from the plant’s steam cycle