We believe that the most efficient and cost-effective way to complete a project is to use a company that can provide complete, turnkey systems—and CBIPL has the staff and the expertise to meet your needs and take your water or wastewater treatment project head-on from concept to completion. Our turnkey water treatment systems come complete and ready to install in your existing building, mobile trailers, or a new building that we can also provide. We can even supply tank farms for these systems. Our approach saves on long design cycles and delivers your project in the most efficient way possible, so let CBIPL remove the hassle from your next project.

By installing one of CBIPL’s turnkey systems, you can:

• Buy direct from the manufacturer at a lower cost
• Experience convenient, single-point accountability
• Acquire a compact design ideal for small footprints
• Count on us to meet tough schedule demands
• Receive the highest value, from problem analysis to solution

Our temporary and permanent packages deliver value in a host of applications, such as:

• Superfund groundwater remediation
• Construction water management
• Government and military use
• Landfill leachate
• Industrial metals removal
• Ion exchange
• PCB removal
• ZLD (zero liquid discharge)
• Recycle / waste minimization
• Semiconductor acid waste neutralization

Treatment packages include:

• Integrated state-of-the-art technology using CBIPL’s unique and cost-effective systems • Cost-effective treatment systems coupled with efficiently sized, prefabricated buildings that offer initial cost and ongoing operation savings • Portable packages available for quick mobilization or for multiple site uses