Ecosorb Technology

Ecosorb Technology

CBI translates the natural chemical and physical properties of ECOSORB into effective odour control technology.

The company engineers equipment to the operational parameters demanded by each application:

  • Correct atomization – droplet size and velocity
  • Precisely calibrated contact time with the odour
  • Specification of the most appropriate method of delivery

Ecosorb is a deposited formulation of various natural oils and is used as an alternative to the many applications of the traditional form of odor control.
It is most commonly applied via nebulisation, which attracts everything that is in the air – whether it’s a pleasant smell or a real stench.

The advantage of using Ecosorb is that it can control the full spectrum of odors without creating peripheral odors or fragrant by-products. The test results undoubtedly show that Ecosorb is an easily feasible alternative to the more expensive odor control systems