Process Waste Water Reuse

Process Waste Water Reuse

Industrial Wastewater Reuse

Water recovery and reuse from waste water has been given attention in the last decades. Water stress and strict environmental regulations strive to the application advanced wastewater treatment methods in a global scale.

Industrial wastewater management requires a careful evaluation.  One option is to bring it to municipal wastewater treatment plant, but it comes with considerable costs. Treating industrial wastewater on site can be the most sustainable option and allow to achieve a zero liquid discharge process.

Below the key drivers for on-site wastewater reuse:

  • Environmental compliance and commitment
  • Reduce wastewater disposal costs
  • Keep pace with production increase
  • Independence from limitations imposed from by centralized waste water treatment plants.
  • Recover valuable minerals and nutrients

Often, water recovery isn’t the only goal. Industrial processors that have made the shift of considering wastewater as a resource rather than waste are minimizing costs and realizing the benefits of re-thinking water management strategy. Process wastewater contains minerals and nutrients of value for reuse. Our know-how and experience on a broad range of membrane separation and electrochemical processes integrates value in industry processes.

Cbi’s experienced team access carefully each liquid stream, offering feasibility studies from laboratory experiments, pilot units testing and delivering full scale solution.

At cbi, we evaluate all the adjacent aspects that will affect the technical and economical feasibility of water reuse and recovery of minerals: disposal costs, energy costs, consumables cost and maintenance required.

Each industry and application are unique, and our expertise and industry know-how bring to our clients the value required for an effective wastewater treatment and reuse process, contributing to a sustainable management of resources.